Tips for Buying Real Estate in Mississippi

When shopping for Mississippi homes for sale many people are interested in purchasing vacant land to place a manufactured home on or perhaps buying an existing dwelling. Learn how to purchase manufactured real estate with this helpful guide.

1. No Longer Mobile. Manufactured homes used to be called “mobile homes” but today, less than 5 percent are ever relocated. Manufactured homes are assembled elsewhere and then set-up on the property in strict accordance with state and federal guidelines. However, older manufactured homes may not have been required to adhere to the same standards as today’s homes. Before buying a manufactured home, have a complete inspection performed to assure the foundation and other procedures are up to date and meet safety regulations.

2. Insurance. Prior to making an offer on manufactured real estate take time to obtain at least three insurance quotes. Depending upon the age, location and other information, some manufactured homes can be costly to insure.

3. Warranty. Newer manufactured homes come with a warranty. Obtain copies of the warranty information for the home, appliances and other items included in the purchase price of the home. The manufacturer’s warranty is different from the retail warranty so ask for copies of each. Relatively newer manufactured homes may also have transferable warranty information available.

4. Set-Up. If you are purchasing raw land be sure to consider zoning laws, covenants, hookup regulations, impact fees and other requirements. Additional costs may include clearing and site preparation, fill, driveway and utility easements. Calculate the complete cost before purchasing a new manufactured home.

5. Communities. The option to place a manufactured home in a community can save up-front costs but the ongoing association’s fees can add up over the years. Be sure to obtain a copy of the community covenants and rules prior to making a final decision.

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